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An increase in the level of the hormone dihydrotestosterone in men leads to an uncontrolled proliferation of prostate tissues with their subsequent possible degeneration into a malignant form. In addition, an increased background of dihydrotestosterone in men is the one of the main causes of alopecia (hair loss on the head) and hirsutism (body hair in women).

Hair loss medication

Dutasteride and finasteride are drugs for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia and alopecia from the group of 5-alpha-reductase blockers. Dutasteride inhibits the activity of 5-alpha-reductase isozymes of the first and second types, which are responsible for the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone, the main androgen responsible for the development of hair loss. Finasteride is a specific type II 5-alpha reductase inhibitor and, accordingly, also inhibits the formation of dihydrotestosterone. It is known that type 1 5-alpha reductase is expressed in small amounts and is inactive in the prostate gland, but provides the bulk of the enzyme activity in other tissues, for example, skin and liver. And 5-alpha-reductase of the second type is expressed and acts mainly in the prostate.

Benefits of hair loss drugs in sports

The action of most steroids causes your body to produce higher dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels, subsequently putting men who use steroids at a higher risk of baldness. In simple terms, in bodybuilding, finasteride is used to prevent the conversion of anabolic steroids into dihydrotestosterone, in order to prevent baldness, enlargement of the prostate. Dutasteride is an even more powerful drug than finasteride, it can not only prevent baldness and enlargement of the prostate, but also prevent the formation of acne due to the high amount of androgens in the body.

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